What are the designs of precision die casting molds?

An excellent designer of precision die-casting parts is not only required to be able to use software to draw drawings, but more importantly, to be familiar with the manufacturing process of precision die-casting molds and the production process of precision die-casting parts, and to design products that meet the requirements of different products. It is the most simple and most convenient mold for production and operation. The design of precision die-casting parts is the most fundamental link to ensure the quality of precision die-casting parts. The rationality of its structural design and process directly determines the level of difficulty in mold making, product dimensional accuracy, precision die-casting process parameters, and production and installation efficiency.

Aluminum precision die castings have the advantages of high production efficiency, low processing cost, high dimensional accuracy of castings, good surface quality, and good overall mechanical properties; , under-casting and other defects, how to avoid the above problems in the process of precision die-casting, designers need to conduct a comprehensive evaluation in the structural design of precision die-casting parts, and make a reasonable layout in the structural design of parts.

Precision die casting is a technique used to mass-produce metal products and components, and precision die casting mold design is one of the most important steps in the process, as the shape and properties of the mold directly affect the final product. The precision die casting process uses high pressure to force molten metal into a mold, and a mold with accurate specifications is required to complete the task.

Mold design affects the shape, configuration, quality and uniformity of products produced through a precision die casting process. Improper specifications can lead to tool or material corrosion and reduced product quality, while effective design increases efficiency and production time. The first thing to consider is the cavity, but you can’t just pursue how many products can be produced from one mold. The position of the core is also very important, whether it is easy to demold and so on.

In addition, the parting line or parting surface of the mold connects the different parts of the mold together. If the parting line is not positioned correctly or deformed due to working strain, material can seep into the gaps between the molds, resulting in uneven molding and excessive seams.

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