How to extend the life of precision die casting molds?

In general, a precision die-casting mold is a machine that can change a metal from a liquid state to a solid state. Many products used in life are pressure-forged through the processes of casting, filling, and cooling in the precision die-casting mold. of. Therefore, precision die-casting molds are very important for both precision die-casting manufacturers and consumers. Therefore, it is very necessary to extend its service life. The specific steps are as follows:

First, maintain the best mold clearance:

You must know that maintaining the best die gap can not only ensure good punching quality of the product, but also reduce the occurrence of burrs and collapse, which can prolong the life of precision die-casting molds.

Second, sharpen the mold regularly:

After using for a long time, the mold will inevitably not be passivated, and if it is not sharpened after passivation, it will also cause damage to the precision die-casting mold for a long time, thus reducing the service life of the mold. If the precision die-casting manufacturer finds that the workpiece has excessive burrs or abnormal noise during stamping, it may be that the mold is passivated. At this time, it is necessary to use the correct sharpening method to sharpen.

Third, try to avoid punching too narrow strips:

When the die is used to punch a sheet with a width smaller than the thickness of the sheet, the punch will be bent and deformed due to the action of the lateral force, and the gap on one side will also be too small or the wear will be aggravated, which is more serious The lower die will be scratched and the upper and lower dies will be damaged at the same time. Therefore, in order to prolong the service life of precision die-casting molds, it is recommended that precision die-casting manufacturers do not use narrow strips with a nibbling width less than 2.5 times the thickness of the sheet.

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