Please know three precautions for the use of precision die-casting molds

As we all know, China's precision die-casting and foundry industry has great potential for development. Enterprises are making continuous progress in production and product design technology. In recent years, they have also made greater strides in automation to increase efficiency and competitiveness. However, when faced with opportunities, there are also It is a great challenge, and now various fields such as automobiles, electronics, communications, metals, aerospace and other fields have put forward higher requirements for the precision die casting industry.

For example: large-scale automobile precision die-casting and its mold technology; copper alloy and stainless steel and other high-melting-point metal precision die-casting and its die life; aluminum alloy high-efficiency precision die-casting, equipment and its die; effective pouring system calculation technology; Improve the reliability of molten metal filling flow simulation to ensure the quality of large-scale precision and complex precision die-casting parts; low-cost and rapid manufacturing technology for precision die-casting molds produced in multiple varieties and small batches. Faced with such a situation, my country's precision die casting industry should respond calmly, calmly, and actively to meet the needs of the industry to the greatest extent possible.

We mainly talk about three places that special attention should be paid to the use of aluminum alloy precision die-casting molds:

First, the use of mold cooling system. When used correctly, mold cooling water not only prolongs the service life of the mold, but also improves production efficiency. In actual production, we often ignore its importance, and the operator also tries to save trouble. It is too troublesome to pick up the cooling water pipe. Some companies even do not want to cool the mold in order to save costs when customizing the mold. water, with serious consequences.

The material of the mold is generally made of special mold steel through various treatments. No matter how good the mold steel is, there are limits to their use, such as temperature. When the mold is in use, if the mold temperature is too high, it is easy to cause early cracks on the surface of the mold core, and some molds even have large-scale cracks before more than 2000 mold times. Even the color of the mold core changed during production because the mold temperature was too high. After measurement, it even reached more than 400 degrees. When such a temperature is chilled by the release agent, it is easy to have cracks. The products produced It is also easy to deform, strain, and stick to molds. In the case of using mold cooling water, the use of mold release agent can be greatly reduced, so that the operator will not use mold release agent to reduce the temperature of the mold. The advantage is to effectively prolong the life of the mold, save the precision die-casting cycle, improve the product quality, reduce the occurrence of mold sticking, strain and aluminum sticking, and reduce the use of mold release agents. It can also reduce the loss of ejector pins and cores caused by overheating of the mold temperature.

2. If the mold is equipped with neutron control, it is absolutely forbidden to have joints on the signal line between the precision die-casting machine and the mold. The reason is very clear. In daily production, it is difficult to avoid water on the signal line, or It is the place where the joint is easily broken, which will cause a short circuit with the machine tool. If the signal is wrong, the alarm will automatically stop and delay the time, and the signal will be disordered and the mold will be damaged. cause unnecessary losses. Note that the travel switch is waterproof.

3. The mold must be preheated in the process of starting production to prevent the appearance of cracks caused by the sudden encounter of hot metal liquid in the cold mold. For more complex molds, blowtorch, liquefied gas, The mold temperature machine is used in good conditions, and the relatively simple mold can be preheated by slow injection.

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